Built Residential Units


Built Square Feet

We create value through design.

By leveraging a site's potential, we consistently create value for both our clients and for the neighborhoods in which we work. Handel Architects-designed multifamily projects sell and rent at the top of the market in cities around the world.

We are unrivaled in creating efficient floorplans and innovative unit plans.

Units must be well-planned, efficient, and right-sized for the market. They need to be designed as much from the inside out as the outside in. We approach every project applying best practices for constructibility and durability, while seeking opportunities to innovate, and almost always within tight budget parameters.

Rowan, San Francisco

We are committed to equity in access to affordable housing.

Our firm has over twenty years of experience assessing the opportunities for affordable residential developments, and working with not-for-profit entities such as Habitat for Humanity. In New York City alone, we have over 5,000 units of affordable housing built or under construction.

We are redefining student housing.

Our student housing experience includes buildings for private campuses such as New York City's Cornell Tech campus, Columbia University, and Stanford, as well as public institutions such as the University of Toronto. Our intrinsic approach is to create spaces that are stress-reducing and nourishing for students while fostering academic achievement and providing space for off-line discourse.

The House at Cornell Tech

We improve the way seniors live.

We're at the forefront of urban senior living, and understand how to optimize a senior housing program for high-rise construction. We’re able to leverage our hospitality experience to senior communities through careful programming and planning as well as design of interior amenity spaces.