The connection with the spaces we inhabit is more than physical.

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Making a House a Home

Our residential lobbies are crafted to create a sense of oasis and welcome: people want a feeling of “coming home” when they walk through the front door. Amenity spaces, often the drivers of community engagement within a building, require precise programming in order to support the lifestyles of the target demographic. Health and wellness facilities can be a major driver to potential residents, and the creation of this experience involves knowledgeable programming, careful layout of spaces, and a selection of materials that allow residents to feel a visceral connection.

All of these spaces take a collection of apartments and make them into something greater: a community with a sense of place.


We are fortunate to be working in a period where both traditional and modern design vernaculars can be sourced as inspiration to give depth and a sense of timelessness to residential units. We select unit finishes to reflect a specific time and place for each project, with a keen eye toward durability and cost. 


Our hospitality interiors approach aims to redefine the guest experience and provide unique market identity.  We understand the primacy of the guest experience, from the arrival sequence to guestroom details.


Our Interiors work has been widely published in top-line design publications in the U.S. and overseas. Handel Interiors-designed spaces have brand name recognition in the marketplace, driving sales in a quantifiable way and directly impacting the bottom line for our clients.

"The details are not the details. They make the design."

Charles Eames