1320 Washington

Client Urban Land Development
Location San Francisco, CA
Status In Design

1320 Washington reflects the scale and rhythm of the adjoining properties, as well as the Mid-century modern building across the street.

1320 Washington is Handel Architects' newest project in Nob Hill, a residential neighborhood rich with an eclectic variety of classic San Francisco architecture styles, ranging from Tudor Revival, Victorian/Edwardian, Art Deco, and a Mid-century modern high rise directly across the street from the site.

The building connects to its context through sensitive massing and materiality. Through an urban lens, the site sits at the verge of increasing scale towards downtown San Francisco, and one of the objectives with the massing was to create a form that mediates between the different scales of structures that co-exist in the neighborhood. A setback at 45 feet aligns the building with adjacent cornice lines, while creating a private landscaped terrace for residents to use. The remaining two levels are set back from the street in order to reduce the perceived massing from the street.

The project incorporates the refined richness and texture of masonry facades with modern proportions and detailing. The Washington Street face is articulated to balance the scale and rhythm of glazed openings to solid wall, incorporating both recessed punched openings and bay projections. At the rear of the building are gardens that back up to the surrounding properties, and here the building sets back again, creating an opportunity for additional gardens and greenspace.

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