Emanuel Nine Memorial

Client Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Location Charleston, SC
Project Type Public & Cultural
Status In Design

The Emanuel Nine Memorial is dedicated to reversing the spread of hate with a message of unyielding love and forgiveness.

The Emanuel Nine Memorial is a new space dedicated to the lives and sacrifices of the Emanuel Nine, the clergy and church members who were murdered in 2015 at the historic Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The church grounds have been reorganized to create a sacred space to honor those slain, as well as a garden space to honor the survivors. The memorial features a courtyard with two fellowship benches, facing each other with high backs that arc up and around like sheltering wings. At the center of the courtyard, the curves of the benches encircle a marble fountain where the names of the Emanuel Nine are carved around the fountain’s edge. Water emanates from a cross-shaped source, filling the basin and gently spilling over the names of the nine. The opening between the benches toward the back of the courtyard reveals a cross above a simple altar, providing visitors a quiet place to linger in thought and prayer.

The survivors’ garden is dedicated to life and resiliency, and is surrounded by stone benches and trees. These spaces will be a place for the congregation and the community, encouraging people of all backgrounds and walks of life to come together to realize positive change, while also creating a space to reflect in quiet contemplation.

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