Greenpoint Landing Master Plan

Client Park Tower Group
Location New York City, NY
Project Type Master Planning
Status Completed in 2006

Greenpoint Landing reestablishes the neighborhood's waterfront connection and provides new housing, retail, and public open space.

New York City’s waterfronts are undergoing a profound revitalization, as neighborhoods that were previously cut off from the water by the remnants of industry are expanding to the water’s edge. Greenpoint Landing, in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, reestablishes the neighborhood’s waterfront connection through the creation of new streets, new housing, new waterfront parks, and a new public school, all designed to integrate into Greenpoint’s already thriving, diverse community.

Of the approximately 5,500 residential units included in the development, about 1,400 are designed to be affordable.

Open spaces have been planned and designed in conjunction with New York City Parks Department in order to provide seamless integration between the promenade and adjacent Newtown Barge and Box Street Parks. In addition to those five acres of parkland, the Greenpoint Landing project includes four acres of publicly accessible open space designed by James Corner Field Operations and will include terraced promenades, a landscaped pier, and larger-scale amenity spaces such as picnic areas and great lawn. Once constructed those spaces will be deeded to the City and dedicated as City-owned parkland.

Building materials include a mix of brick and black metal, meant to evoke Greenpoint’s industrial past.

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Master Plan Development

The existing 22-acre site included 1,700 feet of public shoreline.

First, the street grid was extended into the site, then new public park space was added and waterfront open spaces were connected.

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Master Planner Design Architect Architect of Record

Design Partner(s)

Landscape Architect - Field Operations


QuallsBenson Lester Ali


Visual House


WEDG (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) Certification